English Project

I had to write an introduction to someone into a community that I'm in for MY English class. I have so many memories from all the specific activities mentioned! So, I thought I'd post it because I think it's kind of fun.

Dear Newcomer,

Welcome to MY group of friends. You will soon find that we spend almost every waking moment together. Sometimes it causes tension, but we get over the issue in a matter of hours. We live in a small college town with not much to do. With us you will find yourself doing many random things, including, dragging main, oatmealing, dance parties and going to KB.

When we drag main, we just drive up and down Main street with the music blasting and holler hellos to the poor, unsuspecting pedestrians. We can do this for hours. Make sure you bring your best car-dancing moves!

Oatmealing is one of our own creations. We buy oatmeal and a gallon of water. Then drive around and when we come to a stop light the person in the passenger seat quickly puts water and oatmeal in their mouth and pretends to throw up out the window. This gives a great sense of joy because of the looks people in other cars give us.

We have dance parties about once a week. The guests and locations vary, but there is always a strobe light and crazy music. Sometimes we dance for fifteen minutes and sometimes we dance for two hours. I guess it depends on our energy level and how late we stayed up the night before.

MY friends and I spend a lot of time at the gas station, KB. We got drinks there every day in the summer and now we only get drinks about once a week. We’ve gotten to know all the KB employees; it’s a lot of fun.

Two things I must warn you of, first, if you hang around us too long you may end up contracting an accent. We all speak in Mexican and British accents. We tend to switch between accents quite often. Sometimes even in the same sentence. Second, you will have to learn how to live on little to no sleep. We stay up late and get up early for classes. We’ve learned to bring our homework to each other’s houses or it doesn’t get done.

Well, I look forward to having lots of fun with you in the future!