I am officially in Minnesota. I say Minne-SODA, because I would be passed out if I wasn't hyped up on caffeine. Why not sleep, you may ask? Well, I will be a red-eye flight to Amsterdam soon and I am hoping and praying I can sleep. I got up at 3 am Nevada time this morning. Death. Because of my sleep dep please excuse all grammar and spelling errors.

Minneapolis has loads of trees. As we were landing, all I could see: TREES! So let's be grateful to Minnesotans  for oxygen. Woo!

I have been enjoying a SEVEN hour layover here in MN. I took myself to Mall of America. It's so cray cray (thanks for that phrase, Shub. If you ever read this...). There's an amusement park in that place. I stopped by H&M (duh) and Forever 21. I didn't come out with anything (totally got some H&M goodness yesterday). But my hair was real nast so I went to a salon and got a wash and blowout. Such a funny way to spend my moneysss, but sometimes you just need clean hair when you won't be able to shower for 24 hours. Yeah, 24. My Amsterdam to Madrid neighbors are gonna love me.

Oh! And to get to the M.O.A. I had to ride a "light transit" all by my lonesome. I was so brave and found my way all by myself (but I asked for directions). Being hip and such. It was cool. I like hearing the accents the natives have.

Well, the next time you hear from me, I won't be in these United States. The symbols (periods, apostrophes, etc) seem to get messed up from Spain, so forgive me please!

I love you home of the brave! And all y'all homies that reside there.

Peace and blessin's!



Well, I am officially off to Spain. Watching Cedar City fade out of the rear view window for the last time for 5 weeks, was surprisingly hard. I love Cedar and all my friends and loved ones there. I pray you will all be healthy, happy and safe while I'm gone.

I'm embarking on the newest adventure of my life. What an awesome opportunity I have.

I have wet eyes from crying and an accelerated pulse from excitement. I have shakes because of fear and calm thoughts because I know all will be well.



I have an addiction: Online Window Shopping.

I could window shop online.
All day.
Every day.

I rarely buy anything. I just love to look.

I also want to make this ruffle lamp that I saw on Studio 5.
Not the leg lamp or the burlap lamp or the unicorn lamp.
The gray and white lamp.
It looks so easy to make and the end result is super fun.

I've been blogging a lot.
I kinda like it.
Hopefully you aren't annoyed with me...


I'm feeling loving and sentimental today. I love all of these people. These are fairly recent photos. All from April. Lex and Jenn (my sistas) made a quick little trip to Cedar for our littlest sister's birthday. I love catching up with these ladies even if it's a short trip (which it was.. like 36 hours).

The pictures of Miss Mariah and Mister Colter are from my birthday. They are such wonderful best friends. I love that we can talk about anything... and we do talk about everything!

Colter moved away for the summer to work, so we've been Skype-ing in hopes of keeping in touch.

I love my friends and family. I feel so blessed to have them around me.
This is not a good picture of me, but this is Jenn, Lex and I as I was dropping them off at the shuttle. Then I had to hustle back up to Cedar to teach my lesson in Relief Society. It was totally worth it. Every extra second I got to spend with them during their trip was amazing and necessary! I am so proud of both of them. Jenn is working on her mission papers. YAY, Jenn! Lex is such an awesome woman. She is loving and kind to everyone. She is coming to Cedar to spend two months this summer! Lucky us!!

Colter and I on my birthday.
My Bests
Skype-ing it up with Colt-uh
Lex and I on our way to the T-Bird awards. We got to watch our papa win an award. We were such proud off-spring!


Adventure Time

Well kids, the time has come. I will officially being leaving the United States of America in t-minus 9 days. I can't believe it. Don't get me wrong, I love Uncle Sam. Really, I do. BUT, the time has come for this small town girl to ditch her comfortable life and run away to SPAIN for 5 weeks.

I have been to Mexico once, but I don't really remember it and it was 10 years ago. So basically, this is my first international experience. Don't worry, I'll be flying by myself and stopping in some sweet places. Amsterdam on the way there and Paris on the way back. Hate me, please.

On my burt-day (April 29th), my camera broke. Yeah, less than a month before my trip. So, blah blah blah I sent it to Nikon. They think it's cute to charge me lots of money to fix it, so I am saying "Forget You," Nikon (thanks Cee Lo) and buying myself a Canon. Super pumped for my new camera. I also bought some luggage yesterday. Pretty stoked about it too.

I hope to be posting photos on my blog and also on my FB, while I'm gone, but if you don't hear from me, don't be too scurred. I'm sure I'll still be living. Well, I hope I will have a pulse.

Anywho, thanks for reading this. I hope it wasn't too scatter-brained.

Blessings your way,

Miss Jones

(The "blessings your way" thing was totally stolen from a phone conversation at work. A guy said it to my friend/co-worker. T'was hilarious.)