A venting moment

This will just take a second. 
I do a lot for people.
They don't like to acknowledge it often.
A "thank you" would suffice. 
When it is acknowledged, I appreciate it.
A lot.
Show gratitude, friends. 
Y por favor, ¡pare ignorarme!

Anyway, I'm worrying about my happiness now. 
Doing things for me.
I'm exhausted from doing things for you.

Speaking of Spanish, take me back here please:

Re-enter optimistic self.
My birthday is in 10 days. 
I love my birthday.


Miss Jones

Also, a HUGE thank you and shout out to Jessica for accompanying me to get new debit/credit cards and a new license. You're the best, chica. Te amo mucho.


Barefoot in Stripes

Today's outfit:
Blazer: H&M
Blouse: Forever 21
Jeans: Big Star (strange, I know)

Today's accessories:

Necklace: Forever 21
Earrings: Paparazzi (purchased at a jewelry party today)
Ring: Spain

I stayed late up to register last night at 12:01 am. 
The server crashed.
No registration possible.

On the bright side, I am changing my attitude and being more positive.
Life really is beautiful.
There are blossoms on the trees.
My birthday is in 17 days (not that I'm counting).


Miss Jones

P.S. Please, forgive the awful photography. Last minute photo in my sister's bedroom. Holla.


Springing into Monday

I spent the weekend soaking up the heat in Phoenix {obviously, I got really tan...}.
Sadly, I only got to see a few of my Phoenician friends.
We did some shopping, bonding and definitely did some eating.
I found myself dreading the return to Cedar, but fortunately, the weather has been lovely.
Side note, totally obsessing over "Diva" by Beyonce. 

Jean Shirt (again): Charlotte Russe
Dress: H&M
Shoes: H&M
Jewelry: Spain

Hope you had a lovely Easter weekend.


Miss Jones


Print Making

Jessica, Me, Sam

Today was wild. 
I spent 8 hours helping Sammy make his graduation announcements.
We were in the Silk Screen Print Making lab (something like that). 
I wasn't aware that SUU has such a lab.
I was whining for a minute and Sam said something out to me: "Well, you can check this off the list of major possibilities."
That is a great way to look at it.
So, I'm now going to be ruling out potential majors instead of trying to force myself into selecting one.
To you graphic design majors, you have powerful brains.
I couldn't do it.


Miss Jones