Catch up

So I haven't posted in ages, but I am alive and I've done some cool things this summer:
Planned the Opening Ceremonies of the Utah Summer Games.
Worked a lot. 
Made new friends.
Saw A LOT of the Utah Shakespeare Festival.
Expanded my horizons.
Worked at a private event in SLC where some well known artists performed.
Got a new job. I am the new Event Assistant in the Alumni House at Southern Utah University. I have some big shoes to fill.

It's been pretty great.

Here's what I wore today to my friend's homecoming: 

Blouse: Forever 21 Skirt: Banana Republic Shoes: Payless (win!) Bag: H&M Jewelry: Forever 21/Spain

Mildly obsessed with Les Misérables. And cheesing for the iPhone.

Such a great friend. So glad I keep her around.

Not much else to say.


Miss Jones