the moment

Try to imagine me saying all of this with zero sarcasm, because there isn't any. Seriously.

Background info:
So, many people are aware that I do not like being woken up. I do not like it, Sam I am. This means, I do not like alarm clocks or "funny" pranks from siblings (shout out to Lex and Greyson). Basically, do not wake this hibernating bear from sleep, ever. Unfortunately, alarm clocks are a big part of my life. It typically takes me about an hour to be my normal, happy self after waking up, but today, I woke up on the right side of the bed and I noticed a little pep in my step as I sauntered to the bathroom.

Imagine my elation when I walk up the stairs this morning (in my happy--no sarcasm--mood) and hear music blaring from my parents bedroom. The door was open, the news was on and Stu's Christian rock was reflecting off the walls. I chuckled to myself and went in the kitchen to have my breakfast.

I was just thinking to myself how odd it must be to some people (the loud part, not the Christian rock part) that my parents bump music at 8:15 a.m. They crack me up. I do not approve of the genre, but the volume and the time of day are fine by me.

Anyway, I hope this at least made you grin.


Miss Jones



Is a good man's birthday.

Dad, Stu, Stugi, Fathaaa--just a few of his beloved names-- turns 49 today. Wow, that sounds old.

Anyway, Stu is a stand up guy. Really, I'm totally fond of him. He's hardworking, talented, loving, faithful and witty. He cracks me up (not as much as I crack myself up, though). I am lucky to have him. He's the epitome of "dad." At least, when I think of what a "dad" is, Stu's qualities make the list.

He's on a new fitness kick called "Fit By Fifty." His own creation and the the name/slogan makes me want to go to a political rally or something. I actually laughed out loud when he told me the title. He's clever!

Yeah, this photo is from his younger years, but it's just a great shot of him.

So to you, Dad, on your 49th, thanks. Thanks for the love, the laughs, the support and the consequences. Thanks for the lessons, the lectures and the lunches. I thank my lucky stars (and my Heavenly Father) for a Dad like you. Here's to many more memories and funny stories.

I love you!


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Best Thing I Never Had

So, if you could apply Beyonce's song "Best Thing I Never Had" to a friendship--ended friendship--it would perfectly describe a friendship that I had.

I felt I needed to share. Remember, apply it solely in a friend way. You can read the lyrics here, if you want.

And no, I didn't end the friendship, but I am currently feeling that these lyrics are applicable to said friendship. It's hard when you care about someone so much and then they hurt you. Hurt you when you least expect it, but hey, I'm better off.

It's funny how new and/or stronger friendships emerge through hard times. HOLLA to the good folks! New and old. :)