Uh, Day 7. Pair 8?


I can just hear the Hallelujah chorus now. If you know me, you know I am obsessed with houndstooth. In my head, it's just so classy and sophisticated. One day I hope to be described with those words. These have been well worn. Look at the heel, seriously?

They are pretty low (nice change). I love the buckle and the braided part and yeah. I love these ones.

I don't know if we'll make it to every pair. I may end up just throwing some out, so I don't have to wear them. Oops.

Tomorrow, I'm thinking flats. My toes are so beat up from yesterday. I thought those tan ones were supposed to be comfy. What happened?

Thanks for stopping by!


Miss Jones


Day 6: Pair 7

Happy Monday! These are so simple, but get soooo many compliments. I didn't spend much time on the photography today. Not that I normally do--but like 5 minutes more than I did today. What do you think? Too simple?

Snow tomorrow?! Yikes. I wonder what I'll choose in the morning. Thanks for reading!


Miss Jones


Day 5 is Cheetahlicious!

Hey hey hey. It's Sunday! I love Sundays because I can wear really fun (uncomfortable) shoes for only 3 hours. BUT, these are really not too bad on the comfort level. I spotted this in the H&M "shoe lounge." Don't worry Vegas only has the biggest H&M in the nation or world now. I can't remember. Anyway, I love these. I love a good pair of stripper shoes and these definitely hold to that name.

Also, I think every girl needs a pair of animal print shoes. If you're lacking, you have my permission to purchase a pair!


Miss Jones


Day 4. Pairs 4 and 5.

Today, I was going to the aquatic center, so I didn't want to get to fancy with shoes. So I pulled out these spring-y flats. They are brighter than they appear.

I loooove these heels. They one of my favorite pairs currently. I found these beauts at H&M. I cannot promise they won't appear again, because I wear them lots. As you can see, they have already been scuffed (the sad truth of walking around on campus and being a clutz). I love that these look and feel so retro. They are actually comfortable!

Tune in for tomorrow. Sunday is the day my cute/flashy shoes come out!


Miss Jones


Day 3

Today, I actually pulled out some heels. They are closed toe, so I figured I'd better use 'em while it's cold. They are slightly too big (another reason for today, because I don't have very many classes). These were a gift from my mama. She bought them for herself and then they ended up being too large. I'm glad she didn't send 'em back because every girl needs a pair of silver shoes! I love the buckle and the way they look with jeans.

A little side shot for ya.

Day 2

Remember bitterly cold? Well, still true as of 2/3. So I chose these Vans. They are such a fun color and surely brighten my day. I have to wear them with jeans though, because the no show socks I have hurt like the dickens and leave deep imprints in my skin when I wear them. I have only wore these shoes maybe 5 times, but they're pretty fun still.

Something different.

I was at work sometime this week and everyone started talking about shoes. I don't know if you are aware, but I'm kind of a shoe fanatic. Mistakenly, I told one person how many shoes I have and they decided to tell everyone. Then, they challenged me to wear a different pair of shoes everyday until I've gone through them all. Seeing that this is Utah in February, it may or may not work, but I've decided to try and this is how I'll be counting and keeping track of what shoes I've worn. So, consider this day 3 (I'll be adding pics of 1-3). I'll post photos of the shoes as I can.

These are the first. They may not be the cutest, but they are my handy dandy Nikes. They keep me warm and I love them. Cedar has been bitterly cold lately (15 degrees--but the weather said it felt like -4).