Egg, Mayo and Yogurt

I decided that my hair needed a deep conditioning. I looked high and low for a homemade recipe and I ended up using the one at this link: Homemade Deep Conditioner.

When I got up to the kitchen to whip up some hair lovin' cream, I noticed I was low on mayo and that I was lacking plain yogurt. I improvised and ended up using Boston Creme Pie yogurt and about two tablespoons of Mayo. It smelt really yummy, and it didn't drip at all. 

I don't feel like the conditioner was hugely beneficial, probably because the fatty/greasy/sick nasty/jiggly Mayo was in short supply. I would like to try again, but before I get the chance, YOU should try.

Happy conditioning.


Miss Jones


Some laughs.

Yeah, I laughed audibly when I read this. In the library. And for those of you who don't know, FHE stands for Family Home Evening. Feel free to ask a question if you don't know what that means.

Take a second and watch this video: 

I don't know what it is with me and dead animals in freezers, but it makes me laugh. Weird?


Miss Jones


Kickin' Off My Sunday Shoes

I went and saw Footloose on Friday night. I was nervous, because I am a BIG fan of the original and I feared the second one wouldn't compare. So wrong.


There were so many things I loved. I loved (some of) the fashion, the music and the actors.

They had Ren dressed up so nicely! Sweater vests, cardis, and jean on jean. I was loving his outfits. Even when he was just rocking jeans and button up, they spiced it up by rolling his sleeve and undershirt up. The jean on jean was blowing my mind. It usually doesn't work, but Ren was rocking it. He even wore attractive male boots. What? Attractive male boots? Yeah, it happened in this movie. Hated Ariel's prom dress. I get it. It was throw back to the original, but it was bad. I loved Ren's prom outfit, I mean c'mon. Red blazer and a bow tie? Yes please.

The music was fun too. I loved that the rebel song that Ren gets in trouble for blasting was "Black and Yellow." I laughed out loud about that. I liked that they spiced it up with some current sounds.

The actors were killin' it! Kenny Wormald made a fantastic Ren. He was way less awkward than Kevin Bacon and more attractive. I liked that they said he was from Boston (not Chicago) and gave him an accent. Julianne Hough (as Ariel) did a great job. I expected to not like her in this movie, but she proved me wrong. She was bubbly and sweet (after she loses the attitude). Miles Teller (Willard) was my favorite. He was hilarious. I loved his jokes and great dancing. Ser'Darius Blain (Woody): so freakin' funny. "Add an extra two inches for me." I was definitely laughing harder than anyone on my row. He was great. Shaw (Dennis Quaid) surprised me (he even rocked a cardi). He did a great job. I definitely liked him more than the original.

The movie was great and yes, I've thought about seeing it again. LOVED it.


Miss Jones


Sap nugglets.

Girrrrrl (or boyyyyy), you know I love some sap.
Here are some little nugglets of joy for y'all.

"You asked me who I like and I
say no one, but what I really mean is: no one but you."

"Always have hope for the guy that turns around one last time when he walks away."

Stolen from FB


Miss Jones


a cult?


Let's talk about this article for a moment.
I liked the beginning. I found it to be kind and supportive.
But I didn't like the comments about being a cult or about ol' Mitt being title obsessed.

What is a cult? Google tells me the word "cult" means:
1. A system of religious veneration and devotion directed toward a particular figure or object.
2. A relatively small group of people having religious beliefs or practices regarded by others as strange or sinister.

Number one, absolutely. Mormon (or Latter-Day Saint) beliefs are devoted to Jesus Christ.
Number two, absolutely. People believe us to be strange. I do not drink alcohol. I do not curse. I do not wear immodest clothing. Do you find that strange? I don't do these things, because I don't want to. I want to follow the teachings of my gospel. Does that make me odd? If it does, I'll gladly be strange.

Whether Mitt Romney likes being called Bishop or President Romney or not, we say those titles out of respect. It's the equivalent of being called "Pastor Smith" or "Rabbi Shmuley." There's nothing wrong with being addressed with your title and it doesn't mean that you are narcissistic or title obsessed.

I support Mitt Romney as a fellow Mormon and as a fellow United States citizen.


Miss Jones


Just some good things.

These little gems make me smile.
I love sappy, funny and/or obscure posts/photos/quotes (if you didn't know).

^Found this on FB
^This little happy thing was found on
my friend's blog Milk Duds are Low Fat.
^From Milk Duds as well.
^Hey, this one from Duds too!

Are you smiling? I am.

Miss Jones

Oh, and I want you to check out Duds. Duh.


Crazy Rage

Sometimes, I find myself in a crazy rage. Typically, it has to do with people messing up their grammar on facebook. Things like:

spelling "deFINITEly" d-e-f-i-n-a-t-e-l-y,
spelling "grammAr" g-r-a-m-m-e-r,
or combing "a_lot" into one word a-l-o-t

drive me bananas, and I struggle to hold myself back from going all
crazyfbgrammarcorrectinghighschoolteacher on their butts.

Never fear, my good friends. I have found a blogger that shares my distaste for misspelling and other grammatical mishaps. Check out the blog.

Much love,

Miss Jones


I guess I really just love me some quotes.

"No matter how busy a person's day might be,
if they really care,
they'll always find a time for you."

Sometimes, I struggle to realize who cares and who really cares. I feel so fortunate to have had so many people in my life who really care. Thanks to those who find time to really care.


Miss Jones


Sappy Quote

"No, he isn't my boyfriend but I love his


the times we spent together;
I fell in love with our friendship."

Oh boy. Have I had a friendship or two or ten like this? Yes, yes I have. These are kind of my favorite friendships, actually. Boyfriends {friends who are boys} are the best.


Miss Jones



I go through these phases where I miss Spain immensely. Can I just move there and take the people I love the most with me? I don't see why that hasn't happened already. :)

My mother and I at El Generalife. Granda, Spain
Her first ever Paella. Madrid, Spain.
El Generalife. Granda, Spain.
A group shot in Ronda, Spain.
I came to appreciate and love so many of these people.

Mainly I just want to go back and visit my host mother and host sister. It is true, I fell in love in Spain. No, not with a man, but with my group, my family, and my city.

Mucho amor,

Miss Jones


Lucky Girl

I am so lucky.

I get to go to school and get an education.
I have friends that do things just to make me happy.
I have family that truly love me.

School can be stressful and sometimes it even feels pointless, but after this week, I know why I am doing what I'm doing. I am so happy that I spent 4-5 hours a night at the library studying, because the payoff was incredible. I wish I could have this perspective always.

I have a friend that I feel extremely close to. This friend will make time in their extremely busy life to make time for me. This friend will wear something specific just to make me smile. This friend will text me little things to make realize that they care about me too. I have another friend that doesn't hesitate to do something special for me, when they know I am stressed. Having something dropped by the office on a stinky day means the world. These friends make me realize that I have an incredulous life.

My family rocks. Somehow, I manage to get a letter on THE day that I need it most. I have been blessed with some pretty inspired people. I feel lucky to get little acts of support like, "good luck on your test" or "have a great day." Family was such a great idea.

I am so lucky and happy! And even though I hate being vague, I feel that these two friends would be embarrassed to have their names all over this blog.

I hope someone gives you a reason to smile today. If not, smile anyway.


Miss Jones