I was asked about this play.

While in Spain.

This is something to think about, friends.


Spain is beautiful. And I am having no fun. ;)


Miss Jones


More Photos

Nerja, Spain

We spent our Saturday in Nerja on the beach. So lovely!

With the ocean in the background.

These are out of order... This is us waiting for the bus to get to the bus station and then to Nerja...

Gorgeous Cathedral in Granada.

Another view of the Cathedral.


My Professor

My male Spanish professor is superb. Ya´ll would love him. He seriously has great style. I always want to take a photo of his outfits, but I don´t want to freak him out. Today he was wearing a yellow linen button up and gray/white/black plaid pants. He´s pretty neat.

I kind of feel like the people here have larger heads that in the U.S. Not in a mean way. Just, I feel like in general their heads are bigger in proportion to their bodies. It´s silly.

The Spaniards are constantly saying, "Vale" (ball-ee). It´s the equivalent of "Ok" in English. They say it like every other minute. It´s semi hilarious and semi annoying. I am going to come back and be saying it every 15 seconds and no one will understand me. It´s a word mainly used in Spain so there is a good chance that other Spanish speakers won´t understand.

I looove this road.

This is a random gorgeous view we found of Granada.

Some of the group after a mini hike/walk we took.

Cheri and I drinking our water out of wine glasses. Makes me feel so fancy!


Miss Jones

Las Fotas

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Spain is awesome.

Spain is different. You don't flush the toilet when you pee. They are very concerned with saving water.

Lots of love.

Miss Jones III



Spain doesn't sleep. I have {for the first time ever} bags under my eyes! It's so ugly. hahaha. Cheri and I stayed up until 2 am chatting and we have to be up for class at 7. It's brutal. Luckily we get siestas. Aw, blessed culture.

I love it here. They don't give you receipts and the tax is already included the prices you see. Well, like clothing places give you receipts, but not like ice cream. Speaking of ice cream, sooooo delicious here. I had 'chocolate negro' yesterday. To die for! AND I've been to an ice cream shop that Michelle Obama has been to. It's famous. Los Italianos is THE place to get ice cream in Spain.

Shopping and kareoke today/tonight. Yay!!

Exhausted and loving life. Missing bestest, Maria.

Lots of loves,

Miss Jones


Spanish Update

I have officially started school in Spain! I have been in Spain for 5 days now, what?! I have two teachers other than the professor I came with. Aurora comes in for just an hour and then we have Jose Javier teach us for 3. I go to class from 10-2. The school is beautiful and surprisingly small. From the outside, it definitely doesn´t look like you´re walking to a school, maybe like a store? Then, you walk in and there is a two story school. It is all white and pretty. In the middle it has a little plaza thing with a fountain and then classrooms surrounding it. I´m terrible at descriptions, obviously. I wish I could upload pictures!

Yesterday, Rachel Kirk (professor) took us on an excursion to the Mirador. Wow! You curve through all these little streets and alleys among these beautiful white houses. They all have planters with bright red flowers. I was snapping photos like a maniac! When we got to the Mirador, we could see La Alhambra (totally google that if you haven´t). It was exquisite. It is up on a hill above everything and the surroundings are so green!

Shoes in Spain are really cheap! There are some for 3 euros. I bought my first pair of shoes and they were 9 euros. I have been wanting Oxfords for ages, so I got a pair in Spain! I´m thinking I´ll have lots of shoes to add to my collection. :)

I hope all is well with ya´ll!


Miss Jones