And so begins the chapter I'd like to call, "Honest Conversations".

A wise man once told me, "there is something to be said about an 'honest conversation.'" Basically, just sitting down, hashing through the ugly in hopes of finding a solution.

I'm going to try to have these talks in all aspects of my life. Some experiences over the last 3 years have helped me to be comfortable with "honest conversations" in friendships, but work relationships and other parts of life are more difficult. On the bright side, I have found that these talks are very beneficial. They relieve stress and angst. 

So, I'm finally able to be direct and honest on my end and say {after a long talk with a good friend}, 

"Here I am. This is me; the good, the bad and the crazy." 

I know who I am and I'm done shrinking my quirks and steering away from vulnerability.

I'm 5'3", I have red hair, and I wheeze when I laugh.
I love to smile.
I work hard, but I play harder.
I'm stubborn, flawed and silly.
I'm loving, funny and selfless.
I live by the assumption that everyone wants to be my friend {don't worry, it's mutual}.
But consider yourself warned in the event that we become friends, I will care about you to a fault. And I will {quite literally} love you until it hurts.


Miss Jones

P.s. This was a wordy post, but it's been biting at me for weeks and after a chat with a friend {^yeah, same friend} last night, I knew I needed to state this.