Makes Me Think

'Today, as my son cried in my arms, he said, “What nobody realizes is that it’s torture.  Every day of my life I wish I wasn’t gay.”  MMT'   

If this is you, please know that there are those of us who love you. 

I care that you struggle. 
I care that you feel alone. 

I hurt because you are persecuted. 
It pains me that you sometimes hate yourselves.

Have faith. God loves you. I do too.
It may never get easier, but you have value. More than you'll ever know. 
You are strong. Stronger than most.

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Miss Jones


I know a real life superhero.

His name is Addison.
He's my brother.
He's also a soldier. 

Everyday, he protects the rights that I posses as an American.
There have been songs written about heroes like him. 
I don't know exactly what he does everyday, but I do know that it's important.
This year, I am thankful for my brother, his sacrifices and his safety.
You may not know this, but I used to be super against the military. Really only against having someone in my family join, but now, I see how much good it's done in his life and I'm glad he joined.

I really hope he'll be home for the holidays, but if he can't make it, he'll certainly be in our hearts and minds.

I love you, big brother. You are my hero.


Miss Jones

p.s. I AM proud to be an American.

Ray, as in Ray-Ban.

I believe whole heartedly that God places people in our lives for our benefit. Sometimes, I look at the people around me and my heart is overwhelmed by the love that I feel for these people. There is one person in particular that I look up to. We'll call him "Ray" for this post's purpose.

Ray and I have been friends for a while and good friends for a short minute. We met in the summer of 2009 and then were re-introduced and became friends in the summer of 2010. In our friendship's duration, not only has Ray trained me in my job, but I feel that his example is preparing me for life. Basically, he's shaping my life. He's strong. And supportive.

Ray is one of few people who have seen me in complete hysterics. Yeah, I was embarrassed, but Ray just stood up and gave me a hug. He looked passed my tears and gave me support and wonderful advice.

"Ray" is a selfless person. I learn so much from watching him give up things he wants and/or needs for other people.

He is open-minded and accepting.

He is driven. I would go as far as to say he is the most driven person I have ever encountered. He knows what he wants and he is going for it full force.

He is loyal to the 10th degree. He will stand by those he cares about in any situation. He takes "having your back" very seriously.

He is often critiqued for choices he's made by people who don't know him well. He stands strong in his convictions and presses forward regardless of how others perceive his decisions.

I feel very thankful for this person in my life. I feel increasingly blessed that I get to learn from him everyday.


Miss Jones


Something I love.

I love brushing my teeth with someone. I don't know what it is about foamy smiles and the noise of the tooth brush scrubbing our pearly whites, but it just makes me feel happy. I just love good teeth.


Quote Goodness

“Someday everything will make perfect sense. So for now, 

laugh at the confusion, 

smile through the tears and 

keep reminding yourself that everything happens for a reason.”

Fact: Tuesdays are my least favorite days. Not because I don't like my classes, because I do enjoy them, but because I feel refreshed on Mondays, and then after Wednesdays, I'm on a down hill slope. Tuesdays are just bleh. I'm half way done, though and it's turning out to be a great day.

So, Happy Tuesday!


Miss Jones


GrammAr again.

You know how I love a good grammar comic. I actually just love good grammar in general. Here's something I stole from the book of faces.

This is just me being a brat. What else is new?


Miss Jones


Unexpected Gratitude

Because it's the month where we reflect on all the things we should be grateful for, everyone is posting different things they are grateful for. I think that is fantastic, but I can predict the first 10 days of gratitude for almost every person that has been posting. I want to post about some different things that I am grateful for and I hope you won't be expecting them.

1. Nail polish. There is nothing I hate more than looking down at my own feet and seeing naked toenails. Woof.

2. Hot drinks. Cider and hot chocolate are the only things that are making this winter bearable.

3. Carpet. I love to feel the cozy carpet squishing under my tootsies.

4. The Office. No matter what, I'll always have entertainment from this show. Quotes, episodes and "that's what she said jokes."

5. Daily Horoscopes. No, I don't believe them, but I do love to read them.

6. Stairs. I haven't used an elevator this semester. Stairs are fun and wear me out occasionally.

7. Remote Control. Can you imagine standing up to change the channel?!

8. Taco Soup and Green Olives. I have a new found love for both of these foods.

9. Email. How else would I send myself links of the clothes and shoes I want to buy?

10. Cuddle Blankets. Even when I'm by myself, snuggling up in my cuddle blanket is a good experience.

Well, did I succeed? Were these expected items?

I hope you are having a lovely November.


Miss Jones