Drama-free, that's me!

Well, Mariah, Colter and I made a trip to Vegas this week. It was two nights and three days of drama free fun! I came back from this trip with some new H&M clothes (thanks Bensons!), new perfume and some fun new accessories. I also came back with a new appreciation of flying by the seat of your pants! I enjoy being able to do whatever I want, whenever I want while on vacation.

MY favorite experience of the trip was creepy, yet funny. On the 15 heading north toward CC, some Chester (the name I use to describe all creepers) looked at Mariah through his window and pointed to nipple and pointed to her. She says, "I think he wants me to..." and then Colter says, "Yuuup." Then we all proceeded to crack up laughing. He was weird. BUT I lol-ed. Luckily, I have friends with high standards that won't do dumb things like flash Chesters on the freeway.

Anyway, good ole Vegas treated me well this trip! See you soon city of LOVE, not sin.


Miss Jones



So, sometimes I get bugged when no one blogs. Guess what? I never blog. So, ooooops and sorry for the double standard.

Here I sit, a month and half into the summer with not a whole lot to show for it.
I've been working. Joy.
I've been tending. Yay!
I've been reading. Lots.

BUT, I feel like I need to do something for the summer that is fun and creative. So, I am going to try and begin to do new activities and write about them. The first was started tonight.

Well, Mariah and I decided we were bored and decided to go purchase those "Pops" fireworks and throw them at stuff. So we did just that. I enjoyed it. Probably too much. We threw them at signs and at the road, but mostly we cruised and sang to the music on MY iPod. Sometimes I forget how much I love cruising with MY best friend with no destination in mind.

Anyway, thanks for reading. Sorry it wasn't too exciting.