MY Dearest Fillmore

I have a great little car, his name is Fillmore. He got his name from the movie "Cars." He reminds me of the high VW bus. Fillmore should be driven by someone who eats trail mix that has no chocolate and gets high occasionally, but instead, he got me. I love this little man. I try to keep his tummy full and his insides clean.

Unfortunately, he died on Friday. He wouldn't start or even turn over. When he got jumped his lights flashed and his horn honked.

That was the end of his vital signs.

Well, he got a fun ride on a tow truck today and the mechanics discovered he had a bad alternator and a dead battery. Luckily for me, (strike that; Luckily for my father) I (meaning my dad) replaced his alternator a year ago and it's still under warranty. So tomorrow he'll be up and running again. Living his life to the fullest and together we'll enjoy cruising around Cedar City and it's surrounding areas once again.

This is the best shot of him I have... How sad.

Enjoying the open road together! =)

I'll see you tomorrow, Filly. XOXOxooOx


It's March FIRST!!

Today is the day of MY sweet mother's birth! I am so excited to party with her later, but first I'd like to say a few things about this mother of mine. First of all, she is an amazing lady and kind to all. She is patient and loving with her kids. She laughs at her kid's jokes and tells some of her own. As a family, we enjoy her presence every day, because we can count on hearing her infectious laugh daily.

Second of all, she has an amazing testimony. She has faith. Lots of it. Listening to her talk about the Gospel astounds me. She would tell anyone and everyone about her beliefs and share the happiness that she has found. She knows that families are forever and reminds us all in hard times. She lost her younger brother years ago and though it pains her, I can see that she's willing to endure until they are together again.

Third, she's a great friend. I love MY mom because she doesn't always have to be my mom. She can be my friend too. We can chat about all the exciting and dumb aspects of my life. I never feel ashamed of mistakes in front of her because she always makes it clear that she loves me. She is a great friend to her friends as well. I couldn't tell you how many times she's made a meal and taken it to someone just to give them a break or if they have lost someone. I can't tell you how many times she's been to lunch with a friend who needed her. I can tell you that she makes a friend everywhere she goes because she has a beautiful smile and a fabulous laugh!

Here are a few memories I've shared with MY mom:

She has her own eternal family! Eternity will definitely be a good time!

She's a proud parent!

She created a loud and hilarious family!

She makes great funny faces!

So basically I just wanted to say:

Happy Birthday Mom and I love you!!!

(She really is the greatest Mom I could ask for. xoxox)