A New Word.

I have recently become obsessed with saying, "booger." As in, "Stop being a booger." Or, "Ok, booger-head." I don't understand it. It's just a popular world in my head. Obviously, I need a new word.

Someone help me!


Time Flies.

Wow, I cannot believe that my time in Spain is up. Time seriously flew. I reviewed the last post I made about Nerja. That was ages ago! I have big plans to take some time and post about all of the wonderful places I went including: Sevilla, Ronda, Portugal, and Madrid. I need to spend an entire post on La Alhambra and El Generalife! (I would live in El Generalife if I could.)

My current location: Peoria, AZ. I am here in the greater Phoenix area with my sisters Lexi and Jenn. I came down with the fam damily for Jenn's missionary farewell talk. She is going to Omaha Nebraska. I think that has been mentioned... I hope. Any way, she did a wonderful job on her talk and I was supposed to return to Cedar City after her speech for my job, but I couldn't say goodbye for a year and a half. And thinking that if I were to go on a mission, it'd be a goodbye for 3 years. I couldn't do it. We were balling in the institute building. It was ridiculous. Needless to say, I am here in Phoenix helping Jenn get ready for her mission and helping her pack her apartment. I am glad I stayed. It's always good to spend time with those you love.

Other exciting news, my niece will be here soon and she has a name selected! Her name: Brooke Alexandria (can you believe that?!) Mull. Initals: BAM. I love it. I think her initials are so adorable and funny. She is going to be so precious and I'm pumped be a first time aunt. Bring on the spoiling opportunities! :)

I am looking forward to getting back into the swing of things next week, but for now, I am loving the easy life in Peoria.

Many much love,

Miss Jones