Amazing Movies

Recently, I've seen some pretty amazing movies. I've just got with MY girls and we've loved the movies!

The Blind Side: 
OH MY GOODNESS! I l-o-v-e this one! Sandra is amazing in it and she cracks me right up. It was so funny to see her as a blonde. The story was so touching and I found myself crying and laughing at the same time.. And not just crying because I was laughing (for all those of you who know me pretty well) I was crying because it was tender. I loved the car crash, I was getting all emotional there too. Wow, it was even better to find out that the guy is alive and real! Anyway, it was an amazing movie and I'm so glad I spent the money to see it.

Old Dogs:
I saw this one with MY little Kennedy Poo. I thought it was funny that she wanted to see that one, but it ended up being really funny! John Travolta and Robin Williams are so hilarious in it! My favorite scene had to be when they're at the camp and Robin's son is talking about how the two men are "partners" and the camp director is getting all uncomfortable. It was so funny! I was cracking up. There were plenty of laughable moments and lots of things Kenn didn't understand. Good ol' PG movies are the best!

The Princess and the Frog:
AWWWWWWW! It was too adorable! I loved the music and the fact that it was cartoon. I loved Raymon', but you can call him Ray! I loved the gator too! The princess was gorgeous (which is weird to say about a cartoon). The prince was a total babe too! Ow ow! I would like me one of those. "Escue me, one more time now," (Ray's line) had me CRACKING up! Then he says "I got my big butt glowing" sooo funny! Who doesn't love a classic Disney princess story. The only thing I didn't like were the scary demon shadows! They were freaky. I don't mess with Satan and that was definitely him!


Oh MY Goodness

YOU ARE NOT A CHUB! Gaige is a demon. I like these little loves notes via blog. Honey, I will never ditch out on you. You da you da best.. seriously. Let's just put on our happy faces and smile our way through trials. I'm sure there are hundreds more in store for the both us. TOGETHER WE CAN (shoot the moon, ride the rain, even fight a hurricane- thanks Cheetah Girls!). I'll always be here for you and can't wait for Europe. See you in twelve and a half hours. lol.


MY First Semester

Fewf! MY first semester of college is over, well it is after MY final tomorrow. What a whirlwind it has been! So many changes in MY life and MY family's lives. MY roommates have been amazing and I have been blessed to have drama-free girls. I have loved getting to know them and look forward to one more semester together. Today I said goodbye to Jessica, because she won't be joining us again next semester. It was quite sad, but she's coming to visit the weekend school starts for us.

Because Jessica is leaving us, we took some "family" pictures.

I truly have enjoyed MY classes and surprised myself in math (thanks to Laura Cotts teaching abilities!). MY other classes have been swell too. I liked my English class and the people in it. I would recommend Prof. Tvordi to anyone! She is a great teacher and fantastic about individual help.

Next semester should be pretty tough, but I'm looking forward to it. I'm taking a photography class (so excited)! I'm crossing MY fingers that Santa brings me photoshop this year. I have developed a recent obsession with it.

I have become really close with Mawee-a and I'm grateful that I learn from her daily. I admire how she can handle almost anyone's personalities and is very slow to anger/agitation. Fry, if you read this, I want you to know that through everything going on, I know you've been a huge strength to your family. I know MIndy is grateful for the love and counsel you show to her all the time! Keep it up and do what you've been doing with a smile on your face!


Alexandria Jones' Thoughts on Web 2.0

Wow, Web 2.0 was an interesting video. In the last seconds it says, "We need to rethink copyright, authorship, governance... family, ourselves." I think this is very important, although this isn't the main idea behind the video, it's true. People can copy and paste anything from the Internet without citing who's words they are using. It amazes me that people who study and perfect their knowledge in certain areas can end up with no credit or recognition of their discoveries.

This affects our society because people are beginning to have no ethics when it comes to writing papers or researching. The next generation will have no need for "Works Cited" pages because there will be too much information for people to search through to see if students are using their own words or someone elses.


English Project

I had to write an introduction to someone into a community that I'm in for MY English class. I have so many memories from all the specific activities mentioned! So, I thought I'd post it because I think it's kind of fun.

Dear Newcomer,

Welcome to MY group of friends. You will soon find that we spend almost every waking moment together. Sometimes it causes tension, but we get over the issue in a matter of hours. We live in a small college town with not much to do. With us you will find yourself doing many random things, including, dragging main, oatmealing, dance parties and going to KB.

When we drag main, we just drive up and down Main street with the music blasting and holler hellos to the poor, unsuspecting pedestrians. We can do this for hours. Make sure you bring your best car-dancing moves!

Oatmealing is one of our own creations. We buy oatmeal and a gallon of water. Then drive around and when we come to a stop light the person in the passenger seat quickly puts water and oatmeal in their mouth and pretends to throw up out the window. This gives a great sense of joy because of the looks people in other cars give us.

We have dance parties about once a week. The guests and locations vary, but there is always a strobe light and crazy music. Sometimes we dance for fifteen minutes and sometimes we dance for two hours. I guess it depends on our energy level and how late we stayed up the night before.

MY friends and I spend a lot of time at the gas station, KB. We got drinks there every day in the summer and now we only get drinks about once a week. We’ve gotten to know all the KB employees; it’s a lot of fun.

Two things I must warn you of, first, if you hang around us too long you may end up contracting an accent. We all speak in Mexican and British accents. We tend to switch between accents quite often. Sometimes even in the same sentence. Second, you will have to learn how to live on little to no sleep. We stay up late and get up early for classes. We’ve learned to bring our homework to each other’s houses or it doesn’t get done.

Well, I look forward to having lots of fun with you in the future!




I needed to update! I'm loving college! 
MY classes are way fun and I'm doing well.
MY roommates are all really sweet and I love getting to know them.
MY high school/summer friends are still the bomb! I love 'em.
MY ward is fun and I speak soon.. (EEEK!)

Our trip to Yosemite!


4 Years

I honestly cannot believe it's been four years since I lost MY hero. I miss him a lot and each year it gets a little easier. I just wanted to take and second and write how I miss him.

Uncle Paul, we all still love and miss you. I know you're around whenever I need you and I couldn't ask for a better guardian angel. Thanks for being with me during all my struggles. You were a great man and I'm sad you left me so early, but I still think about you a lot. I always pray that you'll know that I miss you and that you'll know I'll always take care of your kids. They're happy and beautiful (which I'm sure you already know). I can't wait to see you in the next life.

Thanks for teaching me to have a sense of humor and teasing me relentlessly. =)

Miss you! Love you!




Wow, I'm so blessed that MY friends are so understanding and willing to forgive me when I do or say things that are hurtful. I really feel like a 50 pounds weight has just been lifted off MY shoulders and that I now can release that stress and move on to a different issue. I move out on Wednesday the 19th and I have no idea how I'm going to get all MY crap into a tiny dorm room. One thing is for sure, I love MY family and I will miss them.. even though I'll be a block away. MY thoughts are all over the place.. I just know that I love MY friends, MY family, and MY dog. hah! I needed a third MY...


Camel Time!

MY friend, Mariah, and I rode a camel at the Renaissance Fair in Cedar! We all knew Cedar had some crazy festivals.. but a CAMEL!? So for $6 we embarked on Jorge for a stroll around the park.
Getting on Jorge was a bit of a struggle.

The end of our ride was heartbreaking. We gave Jorge a nice pat and complimented his beard. As we left I mentally crossed that experience off MY Bucket List. LOL

MY Recent Experiences

Holly and Natalie at the lake
Fry playing dead. (This is where she got swimmer's itch. YUCK)

Lynae and I
Ammon acting like a fairy?
McKell and I on the way to the 3rd of July party!
S'more Night


Independence Day

Well, another Fourth of July has come and gone. I enjoyed the holiday in typical Jones fashion;a family party. I love the parties, each one includes Dad tries to impress Jada, Grandma fussing over everyone eating enough, and Scott Hunt laying down some hilariously sarcastic one liners. Then I spent 5 hours at Quiznos doing MY job.. After work I went to MY single's ward party. There were hardly any singles there. Little did I know it was a combined activity with a few family wards and some random people. The fireworks were impressive and I loved watching them. 

As usual, I pondered a bit on my freedom and realized how lucky I am to be going to college in the fall. I'm beginning to understand that going to college is a privilege. I was thinking about how many people (including myself) overlook the opportunity. To me it just feels like the next life step, when people in other places can't even imagine going to public school (especially women). I'm so grateful that I was born in America where I can have dreams and aspire to be something more than what is expected of me.  

God bless America. The land that I REALLY love. (I know it's cheesy, but it is also true.)


MY Friends

I thought I'd better add a few pictures to MY blog. These are of MY friends and I enjoying each other and making lots of memories. I know I'm just a cheese ball. 

Natalie, Rachel, Lynae, Mariah and I
Lynae and Mariah

Mariah, Ammon and Dorothy


The Return

Hello People!

Welcome to MY life! I've had this blog for quite some time, but I had to make it for school so it isn't nearly as fun to update. When I started reading all my friend's blogs I decided I should give mine a nice little update.

I'll soon be starting college at SUU and I'll be a freshman. Major: Undecided. I wish I was one of those kids who grew up knowing exactly what they wanted to do for the rest of their life. That is most definitely not me. MY interests change daily and I never have solid plans. All I know about MY life that will start in the fall is that I'll be living with Lynae Lewis and be meeting new people. I'm way pumped!

I met Lynae through tennis at our high school. She's one of my good friends along with Ammon Bunker, Mariah Morris, and Natalie Whittier. All of my friends are slightly crazy (hello, they're MY friends) and we have so much fun! If we aren't laughing or making fun of each other, someone must be dead.

I love MY life and I look forward to it changing as it continues.

Smile! Today is the best day of your life!