Reflections Part II

Two thousand and eleven has been a year of growth, change and learning.

Truths Learned In 2011:

-Sometimes, those whom you love the most, hurt you the worst.
-Family forgives.
-I make too many mistakes in my friendships.
-Spending countless hours in the library pays off.
-Apologizing is important, even when it's months after the fact.
-Taking chances helps you grow.
-Finding joy in the unknown is easy.
-I have worth.
-Choose quality over quantity. Always.
-Sometimes, friends have to move aside to make room for better, closer friendships.

I won a lot this year. I lost a lot this year.

Thanks to all who have been a part of 2011.

Life just keeps getting better. 


Miss Jones

Christmas Venting

I have beef with Christmas. Christmas does me wrong. It stresses me.

I love the reason we celebrate Christmas, but I hate the stress I feel on the holidays--just read this knowing I fully admit that I'm crazy. Okay, so I love purchasing gifts for my loved ones. I really love showering them with trinkets and love, I do, but actually handing over the gift terrifies me. I usually feel pretty confident that my loved ones will enjoy their gifts, but I've been in the uncomfortable situation of receiving a gift you are totally underwhelmed by: My maternal grandma loves to give me the clothes that she buys for herself and then ends up not liking. They might not fit right or they may seem too old lady-ish. She has also given me a jacket that was four X's and an L too big. Because of these awkward "thanks-grandma-I-love-it"s that I've experienced, I am freaked to put anyone else through it.

I love the shopping. Hate the unwrapping.

Merry Christmas,

Miss Jones



During this Christmas season, I find myself reflecting about the year. I am not a journaler, but Grandma Jones says it is important to at least record the highlights of each passing year, so here it goes (also, some of these "highlights" are a stretch, just go with me):

January: All of my mom's family got together to celebrate what would have been my Uncle Paul's 40th birthday. What a treat to see everyone. A relative made a slide show with photos of the big guy and there wasn't a dry eye afterwards. I laughed, I cried and I felt extremely blessed. We even rode horses for a minute.

February: I got a new hairstyle in February. I loved my bangs, but they were a ton of work and I eventually let them grow out.

March: In March, I spent my entire spring break babysitting and earning money for Spain. Good thing the kids are total sweethearts and I had a ton of fun.

April: Two of my girl friends and I attended the Brian Regan performance here at SUU. He is always hilarious. My parents, younger brother, youngest sister and I took a spur of the moment vacation to Disneyland. And I had my twentieth birthday. No more wise cracks from my dad about being a "teeny bopper," or so I thought.

May: I spent the month of May preparing for the month of June, but it was a great time. I had a lot of help preparing for my big adventure and I realized how much I'd miss my friends and family. The day this photo was taken, Mariah and I went on "The Zipper" three times, if I'm not mistaken.

June: Oh June... Where do I begin. I went to Spain. I've only written about it like 10 times. I became really close to my Cheri love. I learned a ton of Spanish. I fell in love with my host family and I made some huge life decisions. SUU has given me some pretty awesome experiences, but this particular experience takes the cake.

July: My older sister, Jenn, left on an LDS mission. Wow, she's incredible. Also, my younger sister Lexi turned 19! I spent 10 days in Phoenix with those two and I am so glad I did. It really helped us reconnect and get to know each other again. I am so lucky to have them. Aw, I love my family! (We all have very teary eyes in this picture. It was taken right after Jenn officially became a missionary. Also, the little girl is their sister, Anna.)

August: Samuel H. Taylor (one of my favorite people) turned 21. Two of his friends and I took him for a random and silly ride up Cedar canyon. I also introduced him to some crazy fun times with the Joneses when my sister Lexi brought three of her friends up for a visit. We all saw "The Music Man" done by the Utah Shakespeare Festival. Then Lexi, friends and I hiked Kanarraville falls, went on a lake trip and visited our family's mountain property.

September:Samuel H. Taylor, our friend Jessica and I went to Vegas to watch the SUU T-Birds beat UNLV in football. Really, we spanked them. On their field. Definitely memorable for me. I learned I get really into games... 

AND my beautiful niece Brooke Alexandria Mull was born. Oh, I love her and yes, she is my namesake. This was our first meeting.

October: I do not like Halloween, but Jessica's family was kind enough to take me to "Thriller" this year. I loved it and I was totally creeped by the costume people. Yuck! I definitely spent every night of October in the library.

November: Thanksgiving is always a fun event around the Joneses table. We eat (too much), laugh (equally as much) and watch (not enough) football. My aunt always turns off the game. I spent Black Friday in Vegas on the strip getting my shop on. I found some new things that I'm loving and still wearing. I am lacking photos from November, so here is a picture I snagged on campus.

December:Thank goodness the semester is over. Fewf. I have had some awesome experiences in December, but one of my favorites was when Jessica and I took a random night trip down to St George. We visited her family and friends and on the way back I learned just how considerate she really is. Snaps for Jessica who also turned 19 this month. Santa sent a little elf to visit me yesterday. And most importantly, my older brother returned home safely from his tour in Iraq. So happy to have him home.

Thank you to everyone that was a part of my 2011. I learned, grew and gained strength. 2011 was a year for the history books. I hope you are all well and finding yourselves happy, healthy and well this holiday season.


Miss Jones


Awkward: Eating like a man

I say eating like a man, because my dear ol' dad frequently eats like this on road trips. He also describes himself as a "man's man." So, I guess he's pretty manly and knows what's it like to eat like a man. Yeah, something like that.

I feel like I've been eating like a man these last two days. Almost as if I've been on a man quest [My friend once went on a man quest]. Anyway, I've been eating sunflower seeds like they are going out of style. Just picture me sitting at the library for hours popping these things left and right, like a junkie almost. Or picture me at work, facing a wall, typing on the keyboard and crunching some seeds in my grill.  Now, I try to be consida-it [thanks, Tracy]. I use an opaque container for my shells so no one has to look at my spitty left overs, but I feel like I'm still bothering people. It's rather loud. Any suggestions for how I can be a little more thoughtful of other's eardrums?


Miss Jones

P.S. Sorry I related myself to a junkie and said grill. Obviously, I'm feeling a little ghetto.


Aw, Pooh

"Promise me you will always remember-- You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think." Christopher Robin


Mrs. Schrute

I was recently linked on a blog as the person Dwight Schrute is destined to be with. Such a compliment, but I realized that I am not funny on my blog and I don't say very Schrute acceptable things. In real life, I swear I am funny and say things my honey-to-be would appreciate.

I often begin my statements with "fact."
I often begin my queries with "question."
Obviously, I believe beets are the solution to any ailment, disease, or illness.
I, too, have cousins from the 1700s just hanging around my farm.
Looking down on my inferiors is a healthy reminder to them of who is first-rate.
The color of dijon mustard is the only color found in my wardrobe.
I wear glasses that my grandpa wore in the 90s.

I will work to be funny on this blog and lead you all to believe that I should be Mrs. Schrute.
Also, I love Creed. I read about him on "Dunderpedia" all the time.


Miss Jones

I got the photo here.