Christmas 2010

Awww, Christmas. I just love Christmas. It's totally about family for this blogger. I hope you all had a swell holiday! I would love to know some of your traditions. Today's video is of one of the longest standing traditions in the Jones family and it's very near to my heart. I wish I would've posted my Grandpa's testimony after, but I quit video-ing.

Much love!

Miss Jones


Good morning ya'll. Glad you're alive and well. Jen Beezy. I am her biggest fan!


Miss Jones



I think I'm going to start talking about my dream trip tomorrow. Here are some photos to keep you entertained in the meantime! Can you guess where I'd like to go?

Potential Spoilers...


New Beginnings

Sigh, with a new semester comes so many new things.

A new calling.
A new baby.
A new schedule.
A new exhaustion.
A new happiness.

I have been called to be a Relief Society teacher for this year. I am really excited for the challenge and for all the things I'll learn. I knew even before I met with the 1st counselor that I was going to have this calling. A little self revelation if you ask me. :) I feel some anxiety about teaching and trying to help the girls in MY ward learn something spiritual. Luckily, they'll learn by the spirit and not by what I'm saying.

I am soooo excited for a new baby around here. The family I live with and nanny for is expecting. The little nugglet could be here any day now. I'm thrilled. I love having a newborn around. They're so innocent and fragile and precious. I love how their entire being is completely dependent on their care taker.

MY schedule is so hectic that I sometimes find things slipping through the cracks, but I'm trying to complete everything I need to. I am learning so much about myself by being so busy. I knew I was a procrastinator, but I didn't realize how bad it was. So now I know and I can change it.

I have been so exhausted. I am trying MY hardest to go to bed at a decent hour, but I am finding it to be a huge struggle. That's MY "me" time, but I don't mind spending it with MY two underage BFF's. Hanging out with a 3 1/2 years old and a 2 years old can be a little tiring, but they are so funny and come up with the craziest games.

I am really happy even with all these changes in my life. I have found that college life is different than I thought it would be, but then again, what part of my life hasn't been different? It's interesting how different MY life choices are than those of MY peers, not that either is bad, just different. I feel like every post I write is about the same ol' thing, but whatever.


Mizzz Jones



There is one adorable, sweet, kind, care, hilarious and beautiful girl in MY life that's having a birthday!! 'Tis right folks, MY little McKelly is 19.

Let me tell you a little about this doll. She and I are second cousins and met around age 10. We became really close at age 16 and we've been best friends since then. Sure, we've had disagreements, but nothing so bad to break up our friendship. I love McKell.

McKell is a very valiant young lady. Her testimony is constantly growing and getting strengthened. You can tell just by looking at her that she has the light of Christ in her eyes. I'm grateful for her forgiveness and strength to me.

She's a girl I can call at any time to cry my eyes out to. She's loving, and generous. I can't think of a single person McKell doesn't love. I truly believe she'd give away everything she has to make others happy and feel loved.

McKell, if you read this, I love you! Thanks for always being a strength to me and loving me despite my many faults. You are a true disciple of Christ and I am so excited to continue watching you grow and develop as a person. And remember, I get to be in your wedding!!




As I laid out on the lawn in MY backyard last night star gazing, I thought a lot about this summer. It is sadly coming to an end. I love summer so much. Each summer I learn so much about myself and those around me. I am so grateful for the people that I surround myself with. It's such a blessing to have uplifting people in MY life.

Sure, I make mistakes. Lots actually. BUT I'm learning how to come back from these mistakes. I'm learning how to patch them up and move on. I'm very lucky to have loved ones that deal with MY shortcomings.

School begins again soon and I'm not welcoming it with the attitude I should. I need to have more gratitude that I GET to go to school. It's a privilege that many don't have. I will be very busy dealing with MY hectic schedule, but no good comes from idleness, so I guess I'm lucky to be busy.

I've chosen to be the live in nanny for a family I love dearly. They are a huge gift to me and bless me so much. It's a miracle to have been able to watch these kids grow and watch their personalities bloom. I hope and pray that the experiences I have had and will have with these kids will make me a better person and one day a better mother. I sure hope that they will give me lots of funny moments to blog about.

Anyway, I'm so lucky to be at this point in MY life where I can do anything and be anyone I want. I look forward to this year (minus the snow) and the lessons that will come each day.

Christ lives.
God knows all.
Pray often.

Miss Jones



Do you ever make a decision and then doubt yourself?
I do.

Do you ever want to take people's advice?
I do.

Do you ever do things because you feel you have to do things for the people you love?
I do.

Here I sit at what could be a major crossroads in MY life. I made a decision and now I want to change my mind. I need to take people's advice, but I feel that I can't go back on my word. I value my family and friends advice. I do. I really really do, but sometimes I'm a people pleaser.

Now don't get ahead of yourselves, this isn't like a HUGE decision, but it will effect my sophomore year and possibly the rest of my college days.

Options. I have two. Do I choose "A" or "B?"


Drama-free, that's me!

Well, Mariah, Colter and I made a trip to Vegas this week. It was two nights and three days of drama free fun! I came back from this trip with some new H&M clothes (thanks Bensons!), new perfume and some fun new accessories. I also came back with a new appreciation of flying by the seat of your pants! I enjoy being able to do whatever I want, whenever I want while on vacation.

MY favorite experience of the trip was creepy, yet funny. On the 15 heading north toward CC, some Chester (the name I use to describe all creepers) looked at Mariah through his window and pointed to nipple and pointed to her. She says, "I think he wants me to..." and then Colter says, "Yuuup." Then we all proceeded to crack up laughing. He was weird. BUT I lol-ed. Luckily, I have friends with high standards that won't do dumb things like flash Chesters on the freeway.

Anyway, good ole Vegas treated me well this trip! See you soon city of LOVE, not sin.


Miss Jones



So, sometimes I get bugged when no one blogs. Guess what? I never blog. So, ooooops and sorry for the double standard.

Here I sit, a month and half into the summer with not a whole lot to show for it.
I've been working. Joy.
I've been tending. Yay!
I've been reading. Lots.

BUT, I feel like I need to do something for the summer that is fun and creative. So, I am going to try and begin to do new activities and write about them. The first was started tonight.

Well, Mariah and I decided we were bored and decided to go purchase those "Pops" fireworks and throw them at stuff. So we did just that. I enjoyed it. Probably too much. We threw them at signs and at the road, but mostly we cruised and sang to the music on MY iPod. Sometimes I forget how much I love cruising with MY best friend with no destination in mind.

Anyway, thanks for reading. Sorry it wasn't too exciting.


MY Blog Idol

MY blog idol did a post of ten things not many people know about her. Since my birthday is in an hour and fifteen, I thought it'd be a fun treat. If you want to check her out, click HERE.

10. I have gotten rocks stuck in both MY head and MY knee.

9. I HATE shaving.. (If you know me, you probably caught on to that one by now. I know I complain.)

8. I am constantly buying movies. I love to be able to curl up in a blanket and watch a good flick.

7. I refurbish furniture. I like to sell it at consignment shops. It's been a while.

6. I have fractured MY left hip. Yes, like an old woman.

5. I have 5 siblings. MY family is THE coolest family. Ever. (This is a pretty well known fact, but it had to be said.)

4. I would marry Michael Buble in a heart beat and a half.

3. When it comes to friends, I prefer quality over quantity. I have definitely learned this through trial and error.

2. MY job is the best. I am the babysitter of 2 kids that I love and claim as MY own.

1. I'm not a natural redhead. (HAHAHAHA!! This one is a joke.)

1. (Real.) If I could go back and change any single event that has happened in MY life, I wouldn't. Every experience, every joy, and every sorrow have molded and shaped me into me. I am proud to be ME.

(Just to prove that they're cool.)

This is candid and I think it shows our personalities..


The End of the Beginning

Well, here I am, finding that MY first year of college is coming to an end. I'm not sad that the classes are ending or that I only have one final. I feel sadness only because MY roommates and I won't be together every day. You see, I've gotten very used to having these lovely ladies around me all the time. I learned about their character and I hold them in the highest regard. I learned who MY true friends are (twice) and they stood beside me. Sometimes, they even cried with me. Basically, I love these girls. (Karlee if you read this, you're included in roommates.)

Talysha has a hard time saying "I love you," but I don't care. I love her and I am very grateful to have her in my life for 6 months and I hope we can continue being friends. She made a decision to move up to UVU for the rest of her college career and I am proud of her for making the decision that is best for her.

Leila isn't leaving me completely. She'll be in Cedar all summer and all of next year. It has been quite the experience living with this one. We have opposite views on a lot of things, but we easily click and I will miss staying up 'til 1 chatting on my bathroom vanity.

College has been an interesting chapter in MY life and I am very excited to see what next year brings. Thanks to MY mom, MY dad, MY Mariah, and MY family/friends for the support and strength that I needed, but couldn't find on my own.

Leila before her Alpha Phi formal.

We celebrated Talysha's birthday with cake and trick candles!


Lovers and Haters

I'd like to take a few moments to express gratitude for the lovers and haters in MY life.


You're little people with little character. I do not like you, but I'm grateful for you. I learn so much about myself through you. You love to make outlandish claims and tell lies. You love to make me cry. Thanks. I am always able to pick myself up off the floor and move on. I don't understand the sick pleasure you get out of hurting me, but I guess I'll never understand your kind. Sure, I've said some mean things too, but never have I crossed the line like you have. A piece of advice to haters families, don't get involved. We're adults and we can handle our own problems. Haters, what makes you think I owe you anything? What makes you think I should give a dang? If you're out to hurt me, awesome. Love that. NOT. Girl of 2009, I learned so much about you as a person and I'm thankful that we aren't friends. Girl of 2010, completely shocking. It's really awesome when I think people care about me, but they don't. To all the people that try to bring me down, you're adversity and I WILL rise above you and move on. PEACE!


Oh how I love you dearly. You help me pick myself up and realize that the haters are just that, haters. You help me to realize that even though these people say horrible things about me doesn't make them true. Some of the best lovers in MY life are: MY mom: She's great and always on team Alex no matter what. If she sees MY fault in the issue, she tells me (Doesn't get involved like other mothers). MY sisters: truly loving and kind. They support me from a distance and I know I could call them crying whenever and they'd be there for me. MY Mariah: She's the best friend. She supports me and loves me. She forgives me when I make mistakes. I love her. She is a strong person and really pushes me to move on. I appreciate that. MY roommates: They are sweet. They don't gossip about MY drama. They don't spread it. They just listen and build me up. They're so kind. I love that I can talk to them and no one else will know. MY friends: For those of you who are good friends, thanks. You always make a point to let me know when lies are being spread out of the blue and you love me. What more can I ask for? Nothing.

Basically, if you're out to cause drama, don't bother coming around. Thanks.

Ms. Jones



Well, I'm obviously still young because I get really excited for MY birthday and I pick out a gift really early. This year I thought about asking for a brand new 16 GB iTouch. It would be so fun to have, but I ultimately decided to ask for a roundtrip flight to Cincinnati. Why Cincinnati? Because one of MY best friends lives there. I haven't seen her in 3 years. It seems so weird, because she lived with MY family and I for a semester during my sophomore year of high school. She became almost like a sister to me. Hopefully, MY parents will decide that a vacation would be an acceptable gift. I would like to stay for about 10 days in early May. Cross your fingers for me!

Quickly, I'd like to give a birthday shout out to MY little sister Kennedy. She turn 11 in one week. I sure love her. She's 11 going on 21, but she always keeps me laughing with her innocence. Although, we are 8 years apart, we are super close and I'm proud to have a sister that is so smart and sweet. I know she'll grow to be intelligent and faithful. I love you, Kennedy!

This is her and I on a road trip:

Smile lots and remember to pray in faith!


Ms. Jones


Late Night

I guess now is as good a time as any to blog. MY life has been hectic lately with lots of papers, tests and projects. I am looking forward to the opportunity of this Easter weekend. It's such a great time of the year to reflect on life, but mainly I think about MY Savior, Jesus Christ. I am so grateful to Him for His sacrifice that leads to MY eternal salvation. He suffered much pain and sorrow on MY behalf. I am very grateful to Him and I love Him so much.

I have been blessed recently to be a supporter to a great friend. This friend needs someone to stand by them and lift them up. This friend has such amazing faith and strength that I find myself in shock that I may be able to help them in some way. This person has become one of MY closest friends and one of the people I feel closest to. So to this friend, I love you. I hope I'm doing enough to help you in some way. I hope that we always remain friends and I pray that one day I may have same faith that you possess. Friend, I know you can do everything that you aspire to do and you will exceed your expectations for yourself.

I hope everyone reading this has a friend or family member they can lean on in times of need. Please realize that someone around you would be more than willing to help you carry your load when you struggle. I pray you find time to reflect on this Easter sunday. I pray that you're doing well and can find happiness each day.

Smile bigger and pray harder.


Ms. Jones


MY Dearest Fillmore

I have a great little car, his name is Fillmore. He got his name from the movie "Cars." He reminds me of the high VW bus. Fillmore should be driven by someone who eats trail mix that has no chocolate and gets high occasionally, but instead, he got me. I love this little man. I try to keep his tummy full and his insides clean.

Unfortunately, he died on Friday. He wouldn't start or even turn over. When he got jumped his lights flashed and his horn honked.

That was the end of his vital signs.

Well, he got a fun ride on a tow truck today and the mechanics discovered he had a bad alternator and a dead battery. Luckily for me, (strike that; Luckily for my father) I (meaning my dad) replaced his alternator a year ago and it's still under warranty. So tomorrow he'll be up and running again. Living his life to the fullest and together we'll enjoy cruising around Cedar City and it's surrounding areas once again.

This is the best shot of him I have... How sad.

Enjoying the open road together! =)

I'll see you tomorrow, Filly. XOXOxooOx


It's March FIRST!!

Today is the day of MY sweet mother's birth! I am so excited to party with her later, but first I'd like to say a few things about this mother of mine. First of all, she is an amazing lady and kind to all. She is patient and loving with her kids. She laughs at her kid's jokes and tells some of her own. As a family, we enjoy her presence every day, because we can count on hearing her infectious laugh daily.

Second of all, she has an amazing testimony. She has faith. Lots of it. Listening to her talk about the Gospel astounds me. She would tell anyone and everyone about her beliefs and share the happiness that she has found. She knows that families are forever and reminds us all in hard times. She lost her younger brother years ago and though it pains her, I can see that she's willing to endure until they are together again.

Third, she's a great friend. I love MY mom because she doesn't always have to be my mom. She can be my friend too. We can chat about all the exciting and dumb aspects of my life. I never feel ashamed of mistakes in front of her because she always makes it clear that she loves me. She is a great friend to her friends as well. I couldn't tell you how many times she's made a meal and taken it to someone just to give them a break or if they have lost someone. I can't tell you how many times she's been to lunch with a friend who needed her. I can tell you that she makes a friend everywhere she goes because she has a beautiful smile and a fabulous laugh!

Here are a few memories I've shared with MY mom:

She has her own eternal family! Eternity will definitely be a good time!

She's a proud parent!

She created a loud and hilarious family!

She makes great funny faces!

So basically I just wanted to say:

Happy Birthday Mom and I love you!!!

(She really is the greatest Mom I could ask for. xoxox)



Heavenly Father loves me. =)
Heavenly Father loves you too!!

I've been so full of joy lately MY heart might just burst! MY testimony is growing and expanding and it has brought such peace into my life. I'm grateful for the testimony I have and the blessings that come along with it.

If you're feeling down send someone a nice text, write a note to someone you love, or read the scriptures. I promise it will brighten your day!

I love MY family.
I love MY friends.
I love MY classes.
I love MY scriptures.
I love MY ability to pray.
I love MY Savior.
I love MY blessings that come from His sacrifice.
I love MY faith.
I love MY inspiration!

I LOVE everyone and everything! God loves you too!!