Today was a good reminder.

You know those moments when you just realize that people love you? I like them.
I had several today:
My mama held my hair back while I emptied my stomach.
She went to the store a few different times for things I wanted or needed.
My father and his friend left their jobs to come check on me and give me a blessing.
I received flowers from a loving and concerned friend.
At least 10 people have offered to bring me soup or anything else I might need.

I love you all.
You truly are blessings in my life. 
Thanks for caring about me.
I hope to be in normal working condition again soon.


Miss Jones


Normally I don't participate in these, but because I'm on my death bed of illness, I decided to do this one. I found it on Running on Happiness.

Age: 20. Pushing 21.
Bed-size: Queen.
Chores that you hate: Vacuuming and dishes.
Dogs:  Maltese Pomeranian Cross named Link.
Essential start to your day: Watching Hulu while I get ready.  
Favorite color: Turquoise/Red/Navy/Black.
Gold or Silver:  Gold.
Height: 5 feet 3 inches.
Instruments you play: None.
Job title: Admissions Clerk.
Kids: In the future. Two sounds good.
Mother's Name: Michelle.
Nicknames: Jonesy, Alex, Meanie Meanie Butt Face.
Overnight hospital stays: None.
Pet peeves:  Your/You're mixups and other grammatical issues.
Quote from a movie or tv show:  "Harry, I took care of it!"
Righty or Lefty:  Righty.
Siblings: 5. Older brother, older sister, younger sister, younger brother, younger sister.
Time you wake up: On weekdays around 7:20,
Underwear:  Pro.
Vegetable you hate: Hmmm... I hate apples. I know they're fruit.
What makes you run late: Getting ready.
X-Rays You've Had:  Left arm when I was 6 years old and hip when I was 15.
Yummy food you make:  Brownies. Steak. Brussel Sprouts. 
Zoo Animal: Leopards.


Miss Jones


Pretty Preppy

I just want to go shopping.

I want to spend lots of money on new 
clothing items.

Colorblocked Linen Jacket

Sleeveless Pleated Dress
Crisscross Platform Wedges

Instead, I am saving my money.
But I could really love this look with some fun accessories and belt. Good ol' Forever 21.



Are you on Klout?
The whole thing is a tad bit confusing.
BUT it feels like online shopping, but I spend zero dollars.
In fact, they have their own currency.
Klout gives you a score depending on how influential you are to those on your social networks.

I feel like I'm constantly failing.
My score is either increasing too slowly or decreasing.
When it begins to decrease, I blog.
Gotta get them numbers up, right?

Anyway, if you're on Klout, lemme know because I'd love to shower you with +K.


Miss Jones