A moment

There is a moment when the body has entered exhaustion, and there is so much left to do.  In this moment, I look around at the sea of people enjoying themselves thoroughly and relishing in the event I put so much time and effort into. 

For me, this is a moment of utter joy.

My feet ache. My eyes are tired. I feel elated.

Taking the Event Management course on SUU's campus offered me an opportunity to live a dream I never knew I had. And with my new job, I am getting paid to do something that I enjoy and that I'm good at. 

It's a blessing to work with such amazing people and learn from the best. Some things were said about me during the event and the next day that make me feel like I have been successful in my tasks thus far. I cannot wait to further explore events and continue learning. 

Here are some photos of the Forever Red Homecoming Celebration on September 28, 2012:

Lights and sound loading in.

Fireworks setting up.

Different angle of lights and sounds loading in.
Sound check.

Very beginning of event.
The sea of people.
Yay! People!
I love the #tbirdnation.

A quick shout out to all my sweet friends who came to the event:
Thank you! Thanks for the treats, diet cokes, and surprises. I love you all! You made it special for me.


Miss Jones