There is one adorable, sweet, kind, care, hilarious and beautiful girl in MY life that's having a birthday!! 'Tis right folks, MY little McKelly is 19.

Let me tell you a little about this doll. She and I are second cousins and met around age 10. We became really close at age 16 and we've been best friends since then. Sure, we've had disagreements, but nothing so bad to break up our friendship. I love McKell.

McKell is a very valiant young lady. Her testimony is constantly growing and getting strengthened. You can tell just by looking at her that she has the light of Christ in her eyes. I'm grateful for her forgiveness and strength to me.

She's a girl I can call at any time to cry my eyes out to. She's loving, and generous. I can't think of a single person McKell doesn't love. I truly believe she'd give away everything she has to make others happy and feel loved.

McKell, if you read this, I love you! Thanks for always being a strength to me and loving me despite my many faults. You are a true disciple of Christ and I am so excited to continue watching you grow and develop as a person. And remember, I get to be in your wedding!!




As I laid out on the lawn in MY backyard last night star gazing, I thought a lot about this summer. It is sadly coming to an end. I love summer so much. Each summer I learn so much about myself and those around me. I am so grateful for the people that I surround myself with. It's such a blessing to have uplifting people in MY life.

Sure, I make mistakes. Lots actually. BUT I'm learning how to come back from these mistakes. I'm learning how to patch them up and move on. I'm very lucky to have loved ones that deal with MY shortcomings.

School begins again soon and I'm not welcoming it with the attitude I should. I need to have more gratitude that I GET to go to school. It's a privilege that many don't have. I will be very busy dealing with MY hectic schedule, but no good comes from idleness, so I guess I'm lucky to be busy.

I've chosen to be the live in nanny for a family I love dearly. They are a huge gift to me and bless me so much. It's a miracle to have been able to watch these kids grow and watch their personalities bloom. I hope and pray that the experiences I have had and will have with these kids will make me a better person and one day a better mother. I sure hope that they will give me lots of funny moments to blog about.

Anyway, I'm so lucky to be at this point in MY life where I can do anything and be anyone I want. I look forward to this year (minus the snow) and the lessons that will come each day.

Christ lives.
God knows all.
Pray often.

Miss Jones