Hump Day

Happy Hump Day. 
I knew mine would be weird.
I woke up from a nightmare that included: a friend, my boss, a private school and a mortuary. 
Couldn't sleep after that.
So, I put on my coral pants (they have powers) and flipped my part.

Jean Button-Up: Charlotte Russe
Coral Pants, Gold Belt, Shoes: Target
Jewelry: Spain

Also, some junk hit the fan today.
That was fun. 


Miss Jones

p.s. I need a tan.


Awkward Sunday

Sunday morning, I woke up with a goose egg. 
And don't be confused, I didn't hit my head on Saturday. 
My best guess is that I had some crazy dream and whacked my head on my head board in my sleep?
It still hurts. 
If you see me, please don't stare. 

And now, the current things I'm coveting:

Aqua Skinny Ponte Pants {$26.90)

Jacquard Chiffon Peasant Dress {$29.80}
I'm just waiting to find my sugar daddy, so I can buy everything I want. Hook a sister up.


Miss Jones


Lost Puppy

Or should I say kitten? No, I shall never say kitten. 

Anyway, I often find myself stressing about the future: What should I be? What should I study? Will I ever graduate? Where should I go? 

But then, people like Emily Burt, Mindy Benson and Stuart Jones {Emily, you are in the coolest list right now!} remind me that stressing isn't the best way to go about deciding. Each has given me words of wisdom, inspiration and faith. I only wish I could find faith in myself to decide a pathway and find success.  

Thanks to each of them for reminding me that He cares. 


Miss Jones

P.S. Let me tell you something about Ms Burt. We weren't pals when she was a student here {ugh! so tragic}, but somehow, we're friends now. We skype/facetime {yeah, on our cool iPhones} or chat through other mediums and I have found her to be one the most optimistic, faithful and caring people I know. Snaps for Emily!


I wish

I wish I was one of those hip and fashionable people who post photos of their outfits. You know, and then, people love it and think they're fabulous. Unfortunately, I'm not. I would like to post a photo every now and then though. I sometimes like what I wear. Today is one of those days. It's okay to feel cool, right? Anyway, here's what I'm wearing:

Blouse: Victoria's Secret
 Cardigan: Forever 21
 Legging Jeans: Gap
 Shoes: H&M
Well, that was fun and it makes me feel vulnerable. Don't hate on my outfit, please.


Miss Jones


I like.

"All of God's angels come to us disguised."

Can I get an amen?


Miss Jones


Coveting these:

H&M is my favorite. 
I want these items.
And yeah, I would wear them together. 
Is that so bad?
Also, I loooove the prices.
Can't wait for their online shopping to open up.
Blazer $49.95

Top $5.95

Pants $14.95

Shoes $14.95

Miss Jones

I had to share this:


Miss Jones