This one's for the girls:

Okay, not like the country song.

I feel like there are a lot contradictions and expectations that women are expected to live up to. Please realize I understand that there are issues males have to deal with as well, but I am not a male, so I cannot write regarding these issues.

Strength: Women, be strong. Have the house clean, look beautiful, and have dinner on the table when your man gets home, but be careful to not make him feel less manly. Let him open the jar of pickles and use the screwdriver. 

Beauty: Women, use all these beauty products to make yourselves appear as beautiful as possible, but realize that if you go one step too far, you'll be seen as vain.

Money: Women, make enough money to support yourself, and possibly a family, but don't pay for your man or make him feel like less than the sole bread winner. It is also necessary for you to feel embarrassed if you make more than your man, so be shy about your success and lie about your salary.

Dating: Women, do enough eye-batting, touching, and flirting to let him know you're interested, but don't be too forward. Let the man make the first move. 

Independence: Be a strong, independent, self sufficient woman, but don't express your opinions in a robust way as to intimidate the men around you.

Well, I'm calling it. This is B.S.

I've had enough. Women get critiqued for being too independent or strong, but the media encourages it. Does the strong woman exist? Is there such a thing as a strong woman who can work, be successful, and happily in love? I would like to believe that it's not, but I've learned differently lately, and I'm frustrated by it. Things I value about myself and others are seen with such distaste, and I don't get it.

Help a sister out.


Miss Jones

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  1. Speaking from the sociology major within, the strong woman indeed exists, I daresay in each of us, really. She's just repressed by society, and it takes a conscious and deliberate decision to be her despite that. Be careful though, the strong-willed woman is almost synonymous with the you know what word. :) But, you know what? In the end it's not between us and society anyway. So, Alex, go ahead. Be the strong woman.